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To make your wine, you will need to follow certain rules. We are here to give you the right process in making wine. We know that you will love it and enjoy it.


If you want to understand wine, you will need to know wine. Some wines are combined with different types of food. You can’t combine white wine or red wine with food that isn’t good with it.



If you want to know how to taste wine properly, you will need to learn. You don’t just drink it up. There are certain things you need to do to taste and evaluate it. Something professionals do.


There are rules when drinking wine. The holding of the glass, the room temperature and many more things that are needed to drink a good glass of wine. Some people like to drink it like a normal drink, but that is not going to happen.



Wine is a drink of Gods. People drank wine throughout history. As you know, wine is very healthy and can prevent some diseases. A benefit that needs to be taken into consideration.


It might seem an easy task, but when you want to buy a certain type of wine, you will need to make sure that you know all the characteristics of that particular wine including how to refrigerate it.

Do You Have Any Questions?

Here are frequently asked questions, all answered.

Do you carry domestic or foreign wines?

Yes we carry a full line of wine from the West Coast Region of the United States local vineyards, and around the world including Europe, Australian, New Zealand, and South America.

Is delivery available for wine, beer or distilled spirits?

Yes. On large orders, arrangements can be made to deliver your order. If you want a certain discount, we could always make a special offer for you if you want to buy in larger quantities.

Do you still sell lottery tickets?

Yes. You need to purchase lottery tickets directly in the store. After that, it is all about luck.

Can I order wine or other alcoholic beverages from you over the internet?

Current Connecticut laws prohibit liquor stores in the state form selling alcoholic beverages from being sold over the internet.

Can you help me plan my beverages for an anniversary party?

Just come in and meet with our staff or wine consultant, tell us your plans and we’ll take it from there. We know that you will love it.

Can you tell me what wine goes with what food?

Yes. Our wine consultant can advise you on the type, the brand, the grape, the age and the vineyard that best suit whatever you are serving.

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